Why is mental health important?

Mental health in your day to day life is so important because it’s the way you take life on, the way you manage stress, how you feel and think. It also helps our mind make good choices!

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3 ways to manage stress

  1. Talk to someone.

Talking to someone can help you take your mind off things, communicate how you feel, don’t forget to take deep breaths!

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2. Be active

Being active not only helps with your physical health but also gives you to focus on something not being all in your mind, it helps you set goals and helps achieve them. It reduces anxiety, depression, and negative moods it also imporves your self-esteem.

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3. Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is one of many important factors that plays into life not only does it make life manageble but also makes you happy! Sleep is one of the ways your brain gets to relax and it works on to evaluate and remember your thoughts during the day.

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