I deleted social media for 2 months to help my mental state

2 min readDec 4, 2021


So although my two months are not over, yet (December 17 is two months exact), this is what it does to me; so starting off why I do it in the first place!

When you feel in a constant state of always being on your phone and being sucked into other peoples drama is a definite sign you should maybe distance yourself, many reasons why you are in social media constantly is for other people, so you can feel like you fit in so why not do something for yourself, find your true and happiness. Honestly in this time of life we shouldn’t waste it on others we should be enjoying life itself.

Reasons why deleting social media is a good thing

1. Less procrastination

When I say less procrastination I mean you get to focus more, from personal experience, when I have to do school work I tend to be on my phone, a lot, and what do you usually do on your phone? Be on social media like everyone in this time of day. So when you usually don’t have anything to do on your phone, less likely to be on it so more focus on your work!

2. More sleep

You can actually get way more sleep! I know when on your phone time goes flying, next thing you know once in bed, you can’t fall asleep until 1am because you lost track of time from being on social media! And more sleep means less stress, which means better improvement of mental health!

3. Clear your mental health

It actually does clear your mental health. Once on social media if you realize it or not, you are actually obsessed; obsessed with what’s going on around you, obsessed with so many negative energy and toxic friendships, you don’t even have enough time for yourself. And the last thing when your mental health is not in the best place is to be concerned about other people.

4. Realize who are toxic friends

You can actually rule out who are not your real friends, those who don’t have the best intentions for you and your success. When you are hung up in all the drama you don’t even realize what toxic people look like, it’s probably your closest ones too, (the ones who don’t reach out to see how you are doing, etc) it can have very negative affects on your mood, stress levels and how you act. Have your mental health as your first priority!




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