How I manifested a little bit of my life

First let me tell you what manifesting is. Manifestation is something real that can be brought into your life by the universe, it usually works through attraction and belief.

Now some things I have manifested into my life these past months!

My happiness!

My happiness was a very big priority in my life; I was going through tough times this past year, and really took my happiness for granted when I had it, so I tried affirmations every day! Every time I saw an angel number (stuff like 11:11, 222 etc) was a sign for me to manifest, honestly anything i really wanted and spoke it into existence, of course the first affirmation I would say was “I am happy” but not just say it, but feel it, feel the emotion of happiness, why you wanted to be happy, and just like that- I started to feel like myself, happy at last.

My job

My job was another big one, not just because of the money but also for bigger things in life. I had just gotten back from a trip, was unemployed, and really wanted to focus on something; I also did not want to go back to my last job, which was why I was depressed and came in contact with a lot of toxic people in my day to day life, which brought negative intentions into my life making me even more unhappy. So decided to look somewhere else, for more and more searching, nothing was working out, and for more and more that I kept manifesting it wasn’t working; I wanted to stop believing, and wanted to quit, but I kept pushing through, a lot of patience and after the whole storm, then came flowers.

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Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash



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