Another 100 follower story

2 min readDec 20, 2021

So I know that you have probably already read a thousand of stories on how to get 100 followers, but this is different because, this is MY story.

First and foremost I want to acknowledge the people who helped me achieve this goal; a goal I think everyone on this platform has, the famous 100 followers, so again thank you to each and everyone one of you who believed in me, and are supporting me throughout this journey. So thank you: John Grace Nico Sachin Jayed Mohammad Svetoslav Arpitsaugan Sam Prabhakar Sundus David Bartosz Memati Larry Ferry Damian Kinkigal Shadrack Paige Jared Liza Déborah Diana Rani Quinten Joanne karl Leotie Jessica Natalie D.David Rabiahafeez GROWWITHKUMAR Samantha BMoe Imam Ileana Eric Conner Jose Melania Jasmine Thomas Irfan Abass Jayed Sundus David Yasas Felipe JOSÉ Kc Jeannie Sheetal Husna Philip Janice Hammas Rabia Mitch Richard Priscilla Robyn Mahmut JDL688 Siddharth Satish Kübra Digicash Alexander Alexandru Luke Lukas Simon Margie Nadine Anas bionicWoman Lenny Anna EH Betavie Matt Holly Andie Maxime Carrie Shruti Kimberly Michelle Chris Clara RPWR Yuri Y/T Stacy Christopher Oiku Elliott Christina Joanne Kittie Wagmi Johannes Chloe Josip Adamolekun Aldescu val Giorgi Rebecca Sanler Mario CZ Aayushi Riz Amy Zachary Angelo Gizem Honorata Udith Meg Bartosz StathisTsl Shanali David Aaron Bjorn Mohammad Benjamin Amar Janethloyaa Cubert Sharad BluePilled Radhika Alexis Natasha Ceri Kavindu Ethan Seyhan Opt AliciaMarie Leeseorin Eva Jordan Amena William Arun

And because of my 100+ followers, I felt like I should do something a little bit different to show my appreciation and also to be different than the rest, so have an eye out on what I will be writing on next!

And my deepest appreciation to my English teachers, which I wouldn’t have started on this website/my writing journey and writing about mental health awareness, if it wasn’t for them; so thank you again Robyn Kelly none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for your great teaching and your supportiveness, not only to me but to everyone; I am so proud of you for taking the decision you made, I look up to you and I am going to miss you. I hope life treats you very well and just know that every single story I write on Medium it is an appreciation to you and Ms. Graham.


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